Apr 25 - Schwartz to head lobbying group for Medicare Advantage
Apr 25 - León to lead AHA's Institute for Diversity in Health Care
Apr 24 - Psychiatric hospitals to get modest Medicare rate bump
Apr 24 - Blue Cross eyes Medicare growth through private exchange
Apr 24 - Combined brachytherapy techniques should be "benchmark" for cervical cancer treatment
Apr 24 - IMS Health posts higher profits
Apr 24 - Healthcare REIT Ventas reports strong quarter
Apr 24 - AstraZeneca reports slip in first-quarter earnings
Apr 24 - saps eHealth's online insurance business
Apr 24 - More docs report quality data and e-prescribe, but many prefer penalty
Apr 24 - CDC: Indiana HIV outbreak is 'tip of the iceberg' of a national drug abuse problem
Apr 24 - Illinois, Chicago hospital groups to merge
Apr 24 - Cancer scan could remove need for radiotherapy for cured patients
Apr 23 - Healthways cuts losses in first quarter of 2015
Apr 23 - Breast screening may also predict heart risk, say radiologists
Apr 23 - MD Anderson study points to potential new lung cancer therapy
Apr 22 - Imaging immunity
Apr 22 - Computational fluid dynamics in coronary plaques predict coronary artery disease
Apr 22 - Dual-energy CT imaging improves pancreatic cancer assessment
Apr 22 - Thin-cut coronary calcium quantification: Advantages compared with standard 3 mm slices
Apr 22 - New quality improvement system significantly reduces CT misadministration
Apr 20 - Use of electronic health records could drive appropriate use of diagnostic radiology
Apr 18 - Kaiser Permanente to build IT campus in Atlanta
Apr 18 - Texas board imposes new limits on telemedicine
Apr 14 - Gold nanoparticles may improve radiation treatment for cancer