Sep 2 - Flawed VA data includes 300,000 'pending' enrollment records for dead vets
Sep 2 - Competitor sues Florida system Health First
Sep 2 - Indiana health system launches primary-care management joint venture
Sep 2 - Experimental cancer therapy shows promise in new studies
Sep 2 - Ventas spinoff acquires skilled-nursing facilities for $210 million
Sep 2 - Radiation oncology practice settles with HHS over data breach
Sep 2 - Not enough votes to defund Planned Parenthood, McConnell says
Sep 2 - Amgen's Repatha sheds light on the high cost of drugs in the U.S.
Sep 2 - States can keep using SNAP eligibility to enroll Medicaid beneficiaries
Sep 2 - Premier launches nationwide battle against superbugs
Aug 29 - Planned Parenthood sues states over plans to cut funds
Aug 29 - Providence Health System, Mobile, Ala., names new president
Aug 29 - Garcia to lead prevention program at MD Anderson
Aug 26 - Majority of false-positive mammograms associated with anxiety, distress
Aug 25 - Children's hospitals shift from CT scans for common childhood health problems
Aug 24 - Drug may reduce harm of potentially lethal radiation
Aug 24 - Weak doses of radiation prolong life of female flies, scientists find
Aug 22 - Florida hospital closes pediatric surgery unit after CNN report
Aug 21 - Surgery, radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer 'may not reduce mortality'
Aug 15 - CHS sues Georgia hospital over failed deal
Aug 13 - Diagnostic imaging can rule out coronary artery disease in patients with atypical chest pain
Aug 12 - Radiation costs vary among Medicare patients with cancer
Aug 10 - Shorter course of high-dose radiation therapy 'better for breast cancer patients'
Aug 8 - Charity Hospital replacement opens a decade after Katrina
Aug 7 - Some radiation okay for expectant mother and fetus