May 24 - VA will expand scope of nurse practice
May 24 - Feds jump into whistle-blower lawsuit against Prime
May 24 - House bill trims pay for all hospitals to fund leeway in site-neutral Medicare pay
May 24 - Washington, California sue over pelvic mesh implants
May 24 - CMS lambasted for failing to curb Medicaid, Medicare fraud and abuse
May 24 - Montana projects healthcare labor shortage in 10 years
May 24 - IHS hospital in South Dakota threatened with funds cutoff
May 24 - Florida doctor sentenced to 25 years in three pill mill deaths
May 24 - Intermountain collaboration on device reprocessing saves money, improves design
May 24 - Arizona ruling allows hospital liens in some Medicaid cases
May 21 - Georgia lawmakers consider Medicaid expansion plans
May 21 - DeBehnke named CEO of Nebraska Medicine system
May 21 - Miller named new president of Johns Hopkins Hospital
May 20 - Combining radiation with immunotherapy showing promise against melanoma
May 14 - Maryland hospitals 'all in' for health disparities campaign
May 10 - Radiotherapy halves deaths from prostate cancer 15 years after diagnosis
May 7 - CMS grants Texas' Medicaid waiver extension
May 5 - New bone marrow-on-a-chip can model radiation therapy damage and assess preventive measures
May 4 - New data at ESTRO reinforce alternative to whole breast irradiation for early stage breast cancer patients
May 4 - First recommendations published on imaging assessment of prosthetic heart valves
May 3 - Largest study of patients with early stage II testicular cancer shows radiation therapy is more effective than chemotherapy
May 3 - Radiotherapy for lung cancer patients is linked to increased risk of non-cancer deaths: researchers set out to investigate new heart-sparing technique
Apr 30 - Radiation and immunotherapy combination can destroy both primary and secondary tumours
Apr 30 - Georgia governor OKs funds for anti-abortion centers
Apr 29 - Massive failure to publish trial results exposes patients to risks without providing benefits for others