Mar 28 - Bruce retiring as CEO at Presence Health
Mar 28 - Maryland hospitals make big patient-safety improvements
Mar 28 - Sarah Cole has been promoted to CEO of CHAN Healthcare, and other news makers
Mar 28 - Colleges getting out of health insurance business
Mar 28 - Michigan Medicaid enrollment soars; waiver hurdle remains
Mar 28 - Montana Senate endorses compromise Medicaid expansion plan
Mar 27 - DaVita CFO announces departure
Mar 27 - Modern Healthcare publisher wins Gertrude Crain Award for excellence
Mar 27 - End of CHIP will spell fewer benefits, higher costs
Mar 27 - Epic lands Scripps Health for EHR, revenue cycle IT
Mar 27 - FDA's Hamburg, on her way out, blasts bill aimed at speeding innovation
Mar 27 - Indiana University Health sees benefit of cost-reduction efforts
Mar 27 - CommonWell hires exec director, aims to grow
Mar 25 - Cancer patients want more information about medical imaging risk
Mar 25 - Sweeping prostate cancer review upends widely held belief on radiation after surgery
Mar 23 - Improving brachytherapy treatments for cancer patients 
using platform nanotechnology
Mar 23 - Text message reminders boost breast cancer screening attendance
Mar 21 - Brookdale investor targets board in restructuring bid
Mar 20 - Early recall rates decline after second round of lung cancer screening
Mar 19 - Mayo Clinic finds direct evidence of gadolinium deposition in brain tissues
Mar 16 - Low breast density in mammography worsens breast cancer prognosis
Mar 15 - Concurrent chemoradiation treatment at high-volume facilities improves survival for NSCLC
Mar 14 - Molecules in prostate tumors might predict whether RT can help prevent recurrence
Mar 13 - New clues about the risk of cancer from low-dose radiation
Mar 12 - Radiation plus immunotherapy combo revs up immune system to better attack melanoma, Penn study suggests